Here is some feedback from one of our training sessions

A Local Resilience Forum

LRF Secretariat: “We enlisted the help of Foresight Solutions to run a strategic recovery training session for our partners within West Mercia LRF. Our geography means we have 4 upper tier local authorities, 2 Fire & rescue services, and numerous health partners which makes recovery a challenging process for our LRF.

David guided us through the process, and his background in local government was extremely evident as he completely understood the issues and constraints impacting our partners.

By the end of the session we had consensus on the way forward, the role of the Recovery Coordinating Groups and that of the Strategic Recovery Coordinating Group.

David aftercare was fantastic, providing us with a post training report which has proved really useful in determining our way forward.”

Delegate feedback:

  • “It was helpful to get a reminder of the basics and the challenges surrounding recovery. It was also interesting to look at the differences that recovering from Covid is presenting as opposed to a more routine incident.”
  • “The course provides a good overview of recovery principles, and how they can be applied in an LRF setting.”
  • “Discussing the broader aspects of recovery and gaining a greater understanding of partners perspectives.”
  • “Physically reinforcing relationships that have been reliant on virtual meetings – this is actually quite important to make the response phase more effective.”
  • “Group sessions / discussion – it was particularly helpful to understand how a topic looks through different organisational lenses + discuss intermittencies / unintended consequences”
  • “A great chance for collaboration and relationship building around a jointly held challenge / topic.”

A High Profile Inner London Local Authority

Leader of the Council: “The presentation was clear and exercise very useful”;

An Executive Director: “Learnt a lot using the exercise scenario – benefiting from working through the issues as a group”;

A Director: “A well organised and informative event with a practical focus”;

The Emergency Planning Lead: “The presentation was helpfully ‘Londonized’ to include unique and personal reflections which the audience could relate to. David was professional and dynamic, listening to feedback and adapting his style to suit the audience”.

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An International Non-Governmental Agency

“Enjoyable and thought provoking, more please…”

“Informative and practical”

“Loads of really helpful and practical information – Thank you”

“Really useful training and great opportunity for inter-service working and relationships”

“This was an excellent reintroduction to this topic which I first practiced 5 years ago—this was a welcome refresher, where I learnt much more about the process”

“Excellent Tutor!!”

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A Major Port Authority

“Bringing Foresight Solutions in to assist us and facilitate our exercise proved invaluable; not only in ensuring a meaningful and focused exercise, but on the advice we received, we were then able to take forward a number of resulting initiatives to improve and develop our overall contingency management capability”

Deputy Chief Harbour Master

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