Public Sector Emergency Planning and Civil Protection

With extensive experience of public sector emergency planning and civil protection, Foresight Solutions can deliver your statutory and organizational requirements to meet statutory needs. Our experience covers Blue Light Services, local authorities, not-for-profit organization, lead government departmental preparedness, port authorities and high hazard industry. We have delivered organization requirements under a range of different legislation including the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, REPPIR 2019, COMAHH regulations and various port authority legal requirements.

Our service portfolio covers the entire spectrum of requirement from risk to recovery and includes review, policy development, strategy formulation, plan writing, training, exercising and capability building, ensuring that your organization meets its legal requirements in an integrated and resilient manner. Furthermore, we actively seek to combine service continuity into our approach, ensuring resilience is at the heart of delivery.

Our extensive experience covers an acute understanding of key political drivers, fiscal challenges, stakeholder management and partnership working, ensuring that your approach maps seamlessly into a broader civil protection approach that places the safety of the citizen, the community and the environment as top priorities.