Business Planning

So you have got a great idea for a business and your thoughts are focused on delivering a great product or service, building your business and fulfilling your dreams! It is very exciting and a little daunting! But establishing a business is more than just an idea or a set of values. The “business of running a business” needs preparation, thought and planning.

This is where a well researched, honest and realistic business plan provides a foundation for a successful start Got a great business idea? We can help bring it to life!and a platform for its growth and development. It also states to lenders, stakeholders and other interested parties that you are serious and mean business! Taking time out to really think, research and decide on the way forward is vital to your success.

At Foresight Solutions, we are here to help. As a business ourselves, we have extensive experience in business planning. We can help you build this vital document, taking your thoughts, energy and needs and compiling them into something that will act as a solid foundation to build on. We will challenge your assumptions and coach you on your approach to get you ready for the road ahead.


Our approach encompasses more than just a plan,  we also help you understand and manage risk. Don’t be frighted by this awful word! We all take risks everyday, whether that be driving a car or crossing the road. Some risks we prepare for, like arranging insurance or taking an umbrella with us in case it rains. And some we really hope will happen… winning the lottery! With a little foresight and analysis, we will add significant value to your business plan by identifying relevant risks, how you can manage them and look at ways of responding to them if they happen.

We really want to turn your ideas into a successful business and believe our approach adds considerable value to the sustainability of your enterprise. With use, you’ll also get a “plan B” approach, helping you cope better if things should go wrong.