Business Continuity, Resilience and Crisis Management

Good business planning should always include good business continuity planning, being resilient and being able to deal with a crisis – large or small. Why take the time and effort to develop your business or organization to find that it can’t cope with a crisis or disruption, even a minor one?

Taking the time to really understand the dependencies your business or organization relies on allows you to plan for better and more efficient business delivery. By doing this, you invest in understanding what is critical and what you should protect. Too often we see businesses rely heavily on insurance resulting in frustration with the whole claims process and delays in getting back to what you want to do…namely running your business!

At Foresight Solutions, we will analysis your business or organization objectively to understand its key requirement, resources and dependencies. We will advise you on where to build continuity and resilience….not just for your crucial IT systems, but in other key areas such as skill and staffing provision, contractors, suppliers, equipment and facilities. Our experience spans a diverse range of organizations, large and small, simple and complex, all of which have benefited from our methodical approach that becomes part of good business planning and practice, rather than just an add-on.

We also give you the tools to manage a crisis, regardless of cause or consequence. Our associates have extensive experience in dealing with a range of commercial, public sector and organizational crisis management events in a successful and structured manner, enabling all levels of any organization to act together for a successful outcome. By integrating simple and effective crisis management techniques and approaches into your business or organization, you build a something that is stronger and better prepared to respond, whatever the problem.

We can also advise you on how you can best recover from the impact of Covid-19 and how to help protect your key interests in this uncertain time.