Who are we?

Established in 2014, Foresight Solutions is a company dedicated to supporting individuals, agencies and companies, large or small, public or private, develop a range of plans and capabilities to better deliver integrated business planning, risk management, crisis management and business resilience as a truly integrated approach, making organisations and society stronger and more resilient to cope with any challenge. We also specialise in public sector emergency planning and civil protection planning, integrating your legal requirements with the operation of your agency or company. Check out our services from the menu above.

Who do we help?

Our direct clients and associate assignments have included Small and Medium Sized Enterprises SMEs in a variety of sectors, Lead government departments, Local Authorities (all tiers) both operationally and politically, all “Blue Light” agencies, NGO organisations, Not for profit (including CIC) organisations, Universities, Port Authorities, High Hazard Industry, Construction and a major religious site. We use this vast and diverse experience to tailor-make your solution in all areas of business planning, business resilience, emergency planning and risk management.

What about Covid-19 recovery support? Can you help?

Definitely! We have extensive experience in many areas of Covid secure and recovery management and can support your requirements to assist your organisation or business recover. If you are in the public sector, we can support training and planning in community recovery, assisting you in the delivery of a robust strategy that will deliver an integrated approach with all resilience forum agencies.